About Me


I'm Teresa and I am the founder of The Munchkin Collection! Named after who else of course? My two munchkins Daniel and Anthony. Anyone who knows me knows that after my family my passion is travel! I have been to at least 19 countries! If you haven't guessed already my full time career is in the travel industry however my side shuffle, along with being a wife to a very understanding husband, and an amazing mom (of course!) is this, The Munchkin Collection! I always hated malls and that I HAD TO shop within seasons. I much rather preferred supporting small businesses or online shopping when I had to. I always had issues finding summer clothes in winter when I wanted to hit the beach with my family. This is why I started The Munchkin Collection, my goal is to bring families an easier way to shop fun, stylish, comfortable children's clothing for any season.

I hope you enjoy the shop and hope to meet you at a local market.